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Cobra 148 GTL DX+
Connex 4800
Ranger 2960 F

** Note **

The following mods are the same for all three radios. All three radios use the same main board (EPT6900-10Z)

Frequency Modification

  1. Locate J2. Its located up front of the radio almost in the center. Move the Jumper over to the other set of pins.
  2. Remove the frequency counter module from the radio.
  3. Now you will see J29. Move the jumper diagonally across from where it is now.
  4. Re- install the frequency counter and put the radio back together.

You may remove Q39 for more modulation.

If you change D30 and D31 from 1N60s to ECG-583 diodes, this will improve your AM detection. Distant stations will come in stronger and clearer. If you use ECG-583 for D1 and D2, it'll give you a more effective noise blanker. You'll notice more of a difference in a mobile installation than a base set-up.

Super Swing Modification

Locate resistor R264 and lift the right leg (as you are viewing the radio, component side up and front of radio facing you) of the resistor from the board. Solder a 1N001 diode in series with the resistor, being sure to place the banded end of the diode in the vacated main board hole. This will allow you to lower the dead key and still have the full swing.

VR1 AM/FM S-Meter
VR2 SSB/CW S-Meter
VR3 SSB/CW Squelch
VR4 AM/FM Squelch
VR5 FM Deviation
VR6 SSB Carrier Balance
VR7 TX Frequency
VR8 CW Sidetone Monitor
VR9 RF Meter
VR10 Final Bias
VR11 Final Bias
VR12 Driver Bias
VR14 AM/FM High Power
VR15 AM Modulation Meter
VR17 SSB Power
VR18 AM/FM Low Power



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